Frequently Asked Questions


Why does my monthly payment stay the same throughout the year?

From the day your services become active with Redbrick you will contribute the same amount towards your bills for the year. Think of it a bit like each housemate putting money into the pot as a contribution towards the total year's usage and bills.

We know in the summer you won’t be using much energy. However, this just means you will be adding to the pot ready to balance out the high cost throughout the winter months. We keep on top of your usage for you so we may ask to amend your payment plan if you are using more than your allowance. We try and do this as early as possible to ensure there is sufficient time to spread the excess across and there is no bill at the end of the year.

Remember, we will be sure to refund you for any of the energy you don’t use throughout the year at the end of your contract. This will be reflected in the final statement you receive at the end of your tenancy

Why are contracts less than 12 months more expensive?

The reason you pay more with a shorter contract is by looking at your bills as a payment plan. We spread the total cost of the bills over 12 payments, 10 payments or 9 payments.

Let's say your total bills for the year come to £2500 for a 6 bedroom property and you want a 12-month contract. The total cost will be £34.72 per person per month.

On a 9 month contract, this will be £46.30 per person as there will be fewer payments to split the total cost across.

Remember you only pay for what you use and you can track your usage throughout the year. So even if we have slightly over-estimated we can assure you’ll be refunded the difference at the end of the year.

Energy (Gas and Electricity) bill from another supplier when i’ve moved in. What shall I do?

If you’ve moved into a house throughout the summer and your services haven’t been with us from the start of your tenancy there will be a small bill to pay to the previous supplier for the usage. The reason for this is that it states in your tenancy agreement that you are responsible for the bills from the start of the tenancy up until the end your tenancy, not just the date you moved back in.

The best thing to do here is ring up your new supplier to register an account in your / your housemates name for this period whilst also giving them your opening readings on the day your tenancy started. If you don’t have these, the best person to contact would be your landlord / letting agent to get an accurate final bill.

Energy can take up to 4 weeks to transfer over to Redbrick Bills however any energy used prior to this won’t be chargeable from ourselves.

I have received a water bill however my water is through Redbrick Bills.

If you’ve moved in and you’ve recieved reminders from the water company there may be a water bill through your postbox. If your service start date is the same as your tenancy start date then there will be nothing to worry about. If your services start later than your tenancy start date there will be a small bill to pay to your local water company as your payment plan won't cover it.

If we have taken responsibility of the water and there is a bill to pay after your expected service start date then could you please send an email to so we can sort it out for you.

I have a letter about my TV licence. What shall I do?

If you have received a reminder letter from the TV licensing company after you’ve signed up for a TV license through ourselves, their automated system can also be a bit back dated when it comes to sending letters.

If you keep receiving letters 3 weeks after your start date and are unsure as to why, could you please send an email to and we’ll be happy to send you any proof you need calm your mind.

Why have I been charged a £SIGNUP_F deposit?

The deposit is refundable when you move out of your property. The only reason we take the deposit is because you are on 9/10/11/12 month contracts with ourselves unlike normal domestic houses who live there all year around and it is security to us and our energy supplier when it comes to the end of the contract. We are different to most energy companies as our customers are constantly moving in and out every 12 months. Nothing against you, it’s just the contract we have in place with our suppliers!

Following submission of final meter readings and release of final statements we will refund your deposits along with any under-usage at the property.

What happens if we’re over/under-using?

If we notice you are over-using on your energy then we will conduct a 3,6 and 9-month review on your account and endeavour to notify you as early as possible and work with you in lowering your usage for the remainder of the year.

If you are under-using on your energy you need to firstly make sure you aren’t using too little. The problems you may encounter are a build up of dampness/mould in your property if you don’t heat the house to an adequate level.

If however, you feel that the payment plan is a bit too excessive when compared to your usage, we will look at adjusting it towards the end of the contract with Redbrick Bills.


When will our broadband be installed?

The best thing to do is sign-up + get all housemates onboard at least three weeks before your tenancy start date

Our Internet isn’t working!

If your internet is having some form of technical difficulty you will have been given a number to call on your internet box if there are any technical difficulties or problems. With this you will be able to call up Virgin / Plusnet and arrange for an engineer to come out at a time to suit you.

The information you will need to give them include your account number, account name and password which you will all have access to on your individual online portals.

We want to upgrade our Internet speed.

If you’ve moved into the property and realised that your internet isn’t fast enough then you will be able to upgrade the speed by contacting us directly by calling the office or emailing us at

You normally get about 14 days to change/upgrade your internet speed at the property. If the upgrade is submitted after 14 days our providers sometimes try and set you up on a new contract. If you are having issues with speed, the best thing to do is notify us as early as possible.

We will inform you of the costs associated with this via email and take it into account when reviewing your final statement.

My internet signal isn’t reaching my room. What shall I do?

If you don’t have the fastest internet available in your area (300mb Virgin or 17mb Sky) then you can contact us directly where we’ll be able to arrange and upgrade the package for you. We will notify you of all relevant costs associated with the upgrade via email.

If you have the best package available through ourselves we would recommend you buy one of the Netgear plug in range extenders. They cost about £25 from PC World, however, are sometimes on offer for less than £20 on Amazon.

If this doesn’t work and you are still experiencing trouble with your signal we can arrange for an extra wifi router. This is only to be used as a last resort as it means taking out a whole new additional contract through Virgin Media.

There's a parental lock on my Virgin Media account. What should I do?

If for some reason you turn the internet on and you have a parental block on your account, you’ll need to ring your internet provider to sort it out. Upon ringing them up you will need the password, account number and area reference. All of these details are available on your individual online portals.

If you follow the link below you’ll have an idea of the steps you may need to follow.

Payment Plan

How do I make a payment?

As soon as all housemates are signed up and we have a confirmed supply start date, we will take the first payment for those services on the 15th of the following month which will run through to your tenancy/service end date.

How do you work out my payment plan and monthly contribution?

When you've signed up you will receive an email outlining your payment plan for the year which will show your monthly contribution for all your services.

All payments will be debited on 15th of the month.

You will make a contribution to all services from the first 15th following your Supply start date.

At the end of the year, we will conduct a final account review which takes into account all your services, including your Gas and Electricity.

Remember you only pay for the energy you use.

My payment didn’t leave on the 15th. Why is that?

If the 15th falls on a weekend or a bank holiday then it will automatically be taken out on the next working day. No need to worry.

If it hasn’t gone out by then please make sure you get in contact with us to let us know as there may have been a banking error.

Can I change the date my payment goes out?

Yes, that's fine. As long as you give us at least 3 working days notice prior to it leaving your account. Send an email to and we’ll sort everything out for you.

How do we work out your payment plan?

The way we work out your payment plan is by estimating the total usage for a property of your size (based on previous usage) and splitting it across the payment plan you have opted for with Redbrick Bills.

When opted in for a 12-month contract, you will be required to pay throughout the summer months. We appreciate there may not be anybody living in the property, meaning very little usage will be used resulting in a potential refund at the end of the year as the money spent in the summer months will help to cover any potential overusage in the winter months.

As you know, there are not always four weeks in a month, so here’s an example of how we work out your monthly payments; say your weekly price per person is £9.60 we would do; £9.60 x 52 / 12 = £41.60 per month

Broadband, TV Licence and Water remain at a fixed price throughout your contract. The Gas and Electricity will also remain fixed on the condition you provide us with monthly meter readings, so we can keep on track of your usage.

I don’t have enough money in my account to make a payment.

If you could contact us at least 5 days prior to your payment going out we will be able to make alternative arrangements and take the payment at a later date.

If the request is submitted less than 5 days before the payment is due, we will be unable to process/stop the payment being attempted. In a small number of cases your bank may charge you a fee if this was to happen, we cannot be held responsible.

I need to change the bank details I pay from. How can I arrange this?

To change the bank account you’re paying your bills from you will need to log on to your individual portals and click on ‘edit my details’ under your username. There will then be an option to change your card details, there will be a £1 charge to the card to ensure the card you are using is active. This will need to be done at least 3 days prior to your payments being processed.


How long is our contract with Redbrick Bills?

With Redbrick Bills there is a 8 month minimum term with us. We will only bill you until your tenancy end date in case you forget to tell us in advance… (it is fair after all).

If for some reason you decide to cancel the contract part way through your tenancy there will be cancellation fees applied if you are outside your initial 14-day cooling-off period.

For example, with Internet through our providers Sky and Virgin there will be an early disconnection fee. Likewise, if you leave before the 12 month period is over, there may be cancelation fees from our other providers like TV Licence as this can only be bought on a yearly basis, so the contract with themselves will need to be paid off in full before we can close your account.

The above will be reflected in your final statement from Redbrick Bills.

Account Review and Final Statement.

In terms of making sure you only pay for what you use, meter readings are the single most important thing for when you move in and out of the property. Without them, you may be charged for more energy than you’ve actually used and nobody likes to see that!

  1. We will always do an account review 3,6 and 9 months into your contract to ensure you are on top of your usage and you are not using way more/less than we have estimated. Regular meter readings would be extremely helpful in ensuring everyone’s singing off the same hymn sheet.
  2. Your account will be closed with these readings (providing there is no dispute with the supplier). As soon as this is done and everyone’s happy, we will work out your final bill.
  3. We will then review your whole package to work out your total contribution against what you’ve actually used. As soon as this is done you will be sent a final balance and a statement will be issued.

As soon as the final statement is issued there will be two outcomes…

  1. You’re in credit and a refund will be issued via bank transfer into the lead tenants account to be apportioned between yourselves.
  2. You're in debit and a final payment will be taken from each of the housemates.
If one of my housemates decides to leave the property what shall I do?

Each individual housemate signs their own contract with Redbrick Bills agreeing to pay their portion of the bills for the remainder of their tenancy. The three possible scenarios are as follows:

  1. If for some reason a student decides to cancel a direct debit or leave the house without notifying anybody in advance we will chase them up for all payment in all cases..
  2. If the rest of the house (i.e. yourselves) come to an agreement with the old housemate and agree to pay their share then if notified in advance we will be able to amend this for you. Note. This will mean us having to re-adjust the payment plan for all other housemates.
  3. If we are notified in advance (at least 14 days) of a new tenant replacing the old tenant then we will be able to switch the remainder of the contract across to the new housemate. If you could email the Name of the new tenant, mobile number and email address across to we will be able to complete the transition as smoothly as possible.

Meter Readings

How do I submit a meter reading?

The best way to submit meter readings is:

  1. Log in to the portal at
  2. Upload a clear photo of both your gas and electricity meters
  3. Confirm the reading below for us
  4. We will then check each reading uploaded to see whether they match up

If you have any queries about the meter itself or submitting the readings could you please send in a photo to and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Account Queries

I’ve forgot my account details and can’t log in to

If you have forgotten your username to the portal, there is no need to panic as you can also access it using your email address linked to your account. If you have forgotten your password, simply enter your username and then click on ‘forgotten my password’ this will then send a link to your email address where you can create a new password

Set-up and switchover of energy

As soon as everybody in the property has signed up and paid their individual deposits, we will submit your property to our Gas and Electricity suppliers who will then in turn put a Gas and Electricity switch request in to take over the supply for your property. You will be informed of a switch over date, so you know when to expect the Gas and Electricity to be switched to ourselves. We will keep in touch with you throughout the switch to let you know what is happening. If there are no problems, your Gas and Electricity will switch to ourselves within 3/4 weeks of requesting the switch. However sometimes we can’t take over a supply due to an objection from the current providers. These are either because there is a debt on the property, an unopened account ‘occupier’ or you have a pay as you go meter. If you do experience an objection, we will be informed off this immediately and in turn so will you. We will advice you as to what route you could take to get the objection lifted.

TV Licence

How long will a TV licence cover me for?

All TV licences purchased by Redbrick Bills cover a period of 12 months and no shorter period.

For example:

If you sign up to Redbrick Bills on 01/09/16 with a tenancy start date of 01/07/16 ending on 30/06/2017 we will cover you for the whole period.

The reason for this is we can’t purchase individual licences for any shorter period. If you want a 9/10 month licence you will be able to contact the TV licencing company to arrange this yourselves.